Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


It is my honor to obtain the opportunity to study in Oxford University. It is also my first time to study abroad.  I have found many interesting topics to do research in economics.The lectures were given by excellent scholars from different colleges who are outstanding in their fields. But they were all modest, humorous and willing to guide us to think positively in class. Their lectures are not very difficult to understand.

—Chen Jinqiang


Thanks for sponsoring my summer school at Oxford. This trip has fundamentally changed my view to reflect China's development and my career path from an international perspective.

— Xu Xingfu


It is absolutely a surprise to me! One month’s slow pace life in UK provides me a perfect opportunity to think about my future and China's future.

— Lei Dongdi


It is really hard to tell how wonderful Oxford is. The atmosphere at campus is comfortable and free, easy to inspire one’s curiosity. In daily life, from cleaners, repair workers to shop cashiers, all staff I met have shown their professional skills and attitudes.

— Li Yuying


Pigeons outside the window,  squirrels on the green grass, sunshine and nice people -- everything about Oriel College in Oxford is wonderful. I discussed Behavioral Ethics with my cohorts on the lawn, immersing in a totally different teaching style. On the grounds of Oxford, I played baseball and croquet first time in my life.

— Liang Yafen


My oral English and critical thinking ability improved during four-week's courses. Besides, I have been to world-famous historical heritage like Windsor Castle , London city and Bath, where are worth to visit for Chinese students.

— Ma Liya


I was enrolled in behavioral economics, development economics, finance and investment and other economy related courses.Every evening, there were  lectures on different topics, varies from artificial intelligence to Shakespeare's drama, which  expanded my vision and thoughts. I am willing to go after senior trustees, contributing my capability and knowledge to help more people in need.

—Ye Fan


It is not easy to study abroad for a student  from countryside, so I really appreciate that the Cairncross Foundation gave me this opportunity to study in Oxford University. Through four weeks' study and various local activities, I could not only experience the culture and history of west, people's leisure and lifestyle, but also inspired by the passion of foreign students. I found out that spending time on research does not always mean you can gain a good result as expected. I also believe that the harvest from scholarship programme will have a profound impact on my future study and life, to give me strength to overcome difficulties.

—Wang Lianhui


I intend to learn some new research methods in the very beginning and I achieved my goal during four-week study. I learned how to collect first-hand data through fieldwork, how to use mathematical thinking to analyze economic issues, how discuss critically and how to utilise financial model to broaden research fields. Such methods are distinguished from domestic ones.

—Wang Xinyi