Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


The trip to Oxford, allowed me to see a different world, which I believe is shocking  enough to change my world value and my life significantly. So many thanks to CF  for bringing me a treasury that will be with me all my life.

— Chi Xiaotong


When the bus departing from the college, I realise this is a true farewell. Teardrops swirled in my eyes. It is so difficult to say goodbye to this impressive month. But I believe parting is for encounter a better me.

— Tang Xue


I am so lucky to take part in the academic trip to Oxford as it has left so many valuable memories to me. I felt the rising influence of China and the gap between UK and China in industry and education system. I believe that the warm smiles on local people’s face also leave noticable impact on my life. In the future, I would like to contribute my capability to help more people together with CF.

— Liu Jiaqi


I am deeply grateful to the CF and Hunan University for sponsoring my Oxford dream. Surronded by charming gardens and rivers, European-style buildings are lying under the blue sky and white clouds  where I could pass by every day. The colorful leisure activities and authentic English classes make me feel like time travel back English drama. The United Kingdom impressed me on punctuality, gentleman and civilization.  One-month time in Oxford plays a significant role in my life, it is no longer dreams.

— Long Jie