Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


The courses of the summer school show me what is original British-style higher education. The professors enjoy their lectures very well, keeping their sincerity in academics. I am deeply moved by their dedication to their beloved career. Life here is undoubtedly pleasant, the historical and cultural atmosphere influences everyone. I am very lucky to have such a rare opportunity to learn  and experience.

— Mo Wenyang


There are evening talks covering a wide range of topics such as ASEAN,Brexit & EU,Student Life in Oxford,Artificial Intelligence,Working as a student in Hollywood,Shakespeare &Renaissance and so on. As a global citizen, it is good to open Chinese students’ minds and care about international affairs. After knowing about student life in Oxford, I recognise Oxford is far beyond a university. It represents elite culture. I was deeply moved by the hard work of students at Oxford and I realized that achievement are always based on strenuous efforts. Many thanks for Cairncross Economic Research Foundation giving me such a good opportunity. I should fight for my future and make contribution to the development of my motherland.

— Zhong Huanfei


I have realized the gap between developing country and developed country, ordinary people and outstanding people through one month's observation, feeling and thoughts in Oxford. More importantly, I consider we young generation must take actions, cultivate  ourselves,  and improve the world we are living. From the remote mountainous village to Hunan University and Oxford University, thanks to the CF for giving me this precious opportunity, a significant turning point in my life, a new start.

— Liu Menglu


The 28-day trip to Oxford has brought much to me. This is not merely a trip, but a deep learning experience. In these four weeks, we experienced Oxford's lectures,  visited Bath, Cambridge and London. The first time to feel the years of Oxford,  bustling London, books of Cambridge and the warmth of Bath. I could perceive the huge differences among people, academic institutions and state governance between China and UK.  Individuals' development is result in vision, temperament, experience and attitude. UK residents' credits, courtesy and friendliness are very impressive. The gap between universities is not in fame, but  the teaching methods and attitude to knowledge. In UK, I am astonished with the development of economy, well-educated citizens, beautiful environment and harmonious co-exist with nature which is worth to be learnt.

— Zhao Hongjie