Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


The journey to Oxford University was fruitful: firstly, to be yourself. I made many friends in Oxford and I learned that there is no universal pattern to success and no fixed definition to excellence. Life is a journey to explore yourself. Secondly, to stay focused. After coming back from the UK, I determined to pass the exam of Certified Public Accountant. To be a professional in the financial field is my dream. Thirdly, unforgettable people's connection.  Friends' laughter and the professors' instruction  are  my best memories.

— Pu Mingfang


Studying at Oxford University means a lot to me as the trip to Oxford was awesome. I have thoroughly involved in sociology, economics, philosophy and literature courses there, making many new friends. More importantly,I strongly feel the diversity of culture. Through communicating with peers from different countries, I realize that one issue could be surveyed from multiple perspectives. When we are young, we should travel around to see the world.  Definitely, this is conducive to establishing independent thoughts and spirits. Besides, I`d like to thank the Foundation for the opportunity, and I will treasure this precious experience for years. 

— Mahe Danni


The Oxford experience has greatly broadened my horizon, enabling me to meet people from diverse background and keep in touch with many of them in future life. When interacting with cohorts , I was shocked they are working hard for public goods. Then I start to refelct myself to make up my mind to further study abroad. Oxford time constantly inspired me, giving me unlimited strength during the process of applying for Tongji MF program, Tongji-EBS Business School (Germany) dual degree program, CSC scholarship, APS interview and so on. Thank you so much for giving me such precious opportunity . It has laid a strong foundation for my future life. I believe that as long as I work hard enough, my future is bright.

— Che Jiang