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Summer in 2010 was a lifelong memory for me. It was Cairncross Economic Research Foundation that gave me this opportunity, which I will appreciate forever. It was a dream but it eventually came true. Once I stepped in England, I fell in love with it at the first sight. I knew from the beginning that every experience during these 30 days was so precious and unique that I must face it with heart and passion. From time to time, I would look at the photographs taken in England and recall the beautiful experiences. Best regards to everyone and everything in England.

— Sun Luna


Oriel college arranged a perfect schedule for us. The courses range from the history of common law to the EU law. Mr. Tur and all the guest professors’ lectures are so attractive that they explain profound theories in a simple and humourous way. Classroom is a good place approaching knowledge, meanwhile libraries offer other channels to derive the information  not contained in the short lectures. The Bodleian Law Library is the one of the most gorgeous law library I have ever been to. Reading the case books from old time is like having conversation with  law in history. However, my favorite is Junior Library located in the corner of Oriel College. The books are piled up to the ceiling. I was inspired by the smell from ancient publications. The environment encouraged me to absorb the nutrients from books as much as I can. Every time I sit to the desk, I was deeply moved, by the atmosphere, by the books, by the great opportunity of CF program.

— Long Guohua