2013 to 2016 “Accelerating China’s Growth by Strengthening Competition: Some International Perspectives”
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This project was led by Cyril Lin, Sir Derek Morris (former Chairman of the UK Competition Commission) and William Kovacic (former Chairman and Commissioner of the US Federal Trade Commission), and involved leading international and Chinese experts. The senior Chinese advisors to the project were Professor Wu Jinglian, Vice Chairman Peng Sen and Minister Chen Qingtai. The project was undertaken within the framework of the 3rd Plenum decision on “letting the market play the decisive role in resource allocation” and the 4th Plenum decision on advancing the rule of law. It examined issues and options for strengthening competition in China in two key areas: first, improving China’s Anti-Monopoly Law and its enforcement process; and second, measures to address the anticompetitive impacts of administrative monopoly, vertical industrial policy and the lack of competition among SOEs. The project team engaged in dialogues with China’s three competition policy enforcement authorities at the NDRC, MOFCOM and SAIC. The project’s main report and the reports by Chinese and international experts were submitted to relevant Chinese government departments, and were published as a book in Chinese by Citic Press in April 2017. The main reports in English can be downloaded in the publication of this website.