• Harmonious
    Integration of China
    into the Global

    We will promote coordinated

    development of the Chinese economy

    and the global economy



The Cairncross Economic Research Foundation was established in 2007 in tribute to the late Sir Alec Cairncross (1911-1998) who made important contributions to Chinese economic policymaking, training of Chinese economists and the development of contemporary Chinese Studies in the United Kingdom. The Cairncross Economic Research Foundation is registered at the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in November 2007.


The Foundation has received generous benefactions from leading Chinese and international corporations, including China Construction Bank, China International Capital Corporation, CINDA Securities, CITIC Securities, Cifi Group and China Vanke Corporation Limited.

  • 10Economic Policy Research Studies Executed and Supported
  • 5Publications
  • 18International Seminars, Conferences and Lectures
  • 51Scholarship Students Supported
  • 2009 to 2011 “Medium and Long Term Development and Transformation of the Chinese Economy: An International Perspective” More
  • 2013 to 2016 “Accelerating China’s Growth by Strengthening Competition: Some International Perspectives” More
  • 2010 to 2018 “The Study on the Improvement of the Regulation of Bankruptcy and Restructuring for Chinese Enterprises More
  • 2018 Nobel Prize Laureate
  • 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate
  • Senior Research Fellow at Development Research Center of the State Council
  • Former Chairman of the UK's Competition Commission
  • Professor of London School of Economics
  1. Policy Lessons from the Economics of Ideas November 19, 2009 Peking University More Paul Michael Romer is named as the “father” of new growth theory. He received Nobel prize in Economics in 2018.
  2. Globalisation, Structural Change and Income Distribution September 14, 2011 Tsinghua University More Professor Spence received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001. He is perhaps best known for his seminal work on job market signalling models.
  3. Challenges in China’s Economic Policy and System Reform December 2012, Chatham House&University of Oxford More In December 2012, Beijing Cairncross Foundation invited distinguished Chinese economist, Professor Wu Jinglian, to the UK to deliver the Cairncross Foundation Annual Lecture. This is the first time that the Foundation organized its Annual Lecture overseas. During Professor Wu’s visit to the UK, he met numerous British economists and scholars. The purpose of this activity was to allow China’s leading economist to have in-depth communications with the international community, and to share China...
  4. Competition Policy and Regulation of Prices in Natural Monopolies December 8, 2013 University of International Business and Economics More Sir Derek Morris was formerly Chairman of the UK’s Competition Commission (now the Competition and Markets Authority).
  5. Economic Governance, Growth and State Capacity November 6, 2015 Peking University More Tim Besley is School Professor of Economics and Political Science and W. Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics at the London School of Economics.
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  • 2015
Mahe Danni

My English ability also improved significantly when interacting with people from all over the world. The business curriculum at Oxford has stimulated my academic interest in economy, which has given me strong confidence to continue my postgraduate study. 

Mo Wenyang

CF scholarship program offered me a good opportunity to experience British culture, and helped my current employment position. In addition, my experience at Oxford encourage more and more outstanding schoolmates to actively participate in the interview selection of the CF Scholarship Program. 

Mou Qi

I encourage postgraduate students who are interested in economic policy study, and want to working with economic research institutions to apply for the CF scholarship program. This is a perfect opportunity getting involve in the study of China’s economy integration into global economy.


The scholarship program has made me further aware of the gap of the economic and social development between my hometown and the outside world. After graduation, I decided to return to Daliang mountain area to help the poor household, improve education, and strive to help more children are able to live better life out of the mountains.

Sa Yayun

My personal academic development has undergone significant changes. Through the Oxford University Exchange Program, I have met many outstanding people and thoughts, and seen a broader world. This has broken my positioning of myself and reshaped my understanding and attitude towards learning.

Xiang Jianhua

From the remote mountain village, the biggest dream of my childhood was to get out of the mountains. The CF scholarship program of Oxford University inserted the wings of knowledge for me and cultivated my international vision. After graduation, I worked as an overseas salesman, travelling to several countries for business annually.