Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


I was so overwhelmed with happiness when my eyes laid on Oxford. I was too excited to fall asleep the first night on the garret of Oriel College. Looking at the silhouette of the stunning Gothic architecture outside the window, I felt like lying in a castle from the middle ages. Closing my eyes, I feel the garret swaying gently and could not tell whether this is a dream. I realized that it would be the beginning for me to understand the world which would influence my life in a profound and positive way. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to the Cairncross Foundation for giving me this precious opportunity.

— Zhao Wenting


I appreciate the offering from Oriel  college, its inner peace and the spirit of pursuiting excellence, like its Gothic style architecture. The secrets of the magic city is to preserve tradition and maintain social order through generations, which  keeps its life vital.

— Li Long


I really want to feel the acdemic atmosphere and Oxford campus life , so I always participate in every course with great care. I used to think that students studying abroad is am easy and relax thing,they can learn a lot and travel everywhere. Now I have changed my mind through schorlaship programme. The workload is pretty challenging. I have to try my best responding to every task.

— Ma Chengyan


This is a magical learning journey.  From visiting Oxford University to study Common Law, a new door to life was opened. Many thanks to Beijing Cairncross Economic Research Foundation for providing me such a
precious opportunity. It will always be the most memorable part of my lifetime.

— Liang Jiaolong