Visits: 0 Date: 09/08/2019


At first glance, I was immediately attracted by the fantastic architectures and beautiful natural scenery of the University of Oxford.  As I got to know this ancient university better, I was utterly fascinated by its elegancy and academic atmosphere. I acquired an immense treasure from this trip to Oxford. I am so grateful to the CF that I would pass on the expectation the Foundation has for us, that is, acquire knowledge, broaden horizon, promote ethnic unity and contribute to society. 

— Li Ni


The one month's trip to Oxford gave me not only a wonderful time, but also a good experience in life, which is irreplaceable and precious. I will cherish and preserve this memory. Thank you very much to the Cairncross Foundation. Without the sponsorship, there would not be such good time and precious memory in my life.

— Yi Weizhong


I would like to sincerely thank Cairncross Economic Research Foundation for giving me this opportunity to study in Oxford. The experience was very rewarding. It not only offered me knowledge, but also made me friends and broadened my horizon. I realized how big and fantastic the world is and nothing is impossible as long as we dare to try and work for it. -Yan Yujing

— Yan Yujing