2009 to 2011 “Medium and Long Term Development and Transformation of the Chinese Economy: An International Perspective”
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This project was directed by Dr Edwin Lim and Professor Michael Spence, and was undertaken under the auspices of Central Leading Group on Finance and Economics and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The objective of the project was to provide international perspectives and experiences in addressing key issues in China’s further development. Over 20 world famous international and Chinese specialists (including Nobel Laureates Professor Paul Romer and Professor Peter Diamond) participated in the project and provided research papers in different areas. The final research report was submitted to relevant central government departments. A book in Chinese containing the reports of the project was published by Citic Press on behalf of the Foundation. In September 2017, the book was awarded the prestigious first prize by the Sun Yefang Economic Science Foundation, a prize that is regarded as China’s Nobel Prize in Economics.